10/13/14 8pm   Rockwood Music Hall

09/24/14 9pm  11th Street Bar

09/01/14 8pm  Rockwood Music Hall

07/02/14 8pm  Rockwood Music Hall

05/21/14 9pm  11th Street Bar

04/30/14 9pm  11th Street Bar

02/26/14 9pm  11th Street Bar

02/19/14 8pm   Rockwood Music Hall

01/29/14 9pm   11th Street Bar





Brett Conti is a singing/songwriting bardster hailing from The City That Never Sleeps, by way of The Music City. His penchant for rabble rousing, piano smacking and story telling is rivaled only by a passion for blurring the lines between classic american rock and soul, championing the cycle of modern day life. He's an American man. With an American band. He's coming to your town, he'll help you party it down...He's an American man.